Frameworks, is one of the pioneers in taking Animation, Gaming, Films and Visual Effects training to young minds of all ages. Frameworks has more than a decade of experience in teaching and practical animation and visual effects works. Our Instructors are experienced professionals from the Flim, Television & Gaming Industry. Overwhelming exposure to Cinema, Cartoon and various visual medium captures child interest instantly. At Frameworks we believe that, the interest can be converted into 'skill' which can be used for lifetime. Frameworks has developed this unique idea of bringing this course to schools for young children can learn right at their root levels. Normally these courses are very expensive, but schools will have an edge in not just providing animation courses to their kids at very affordable rates but also to take their curriculum to a new level.

Why Film/Animation courses for children?

Quite simply, its because of the immense interest a child exhibits towards Visual medium. We choose to develop this potential of child to make him or her develop skills which can help him/her develop talent. Animation is just like any other course we learn. It is just like Word,which was earlier considered to be known by 'learned' people but gradually it become a child's play for even a child. Similarly, child interacts and there are huge chances that they would like to learn the art of making the same. More so, Frameworks has developed its course content and teaching methodology specially for young minds to make it easy-to-learn for every child.  

Can an 8 Year old child learn Animation skills?

Honestly, our child is much smarter in picking up things than we could have. This is simply due to their fresh perspective. They are yet to get contaminated by complexities like us! Neverthless, Animation or Visual Designing is not dependent on academic success. Its not like logical reasoning ability. Its a creative medium of expression with little bit of technical skills to handle software. Additionally, our course ware is Simplified to make sure they learn, not just 'theory' but practice it to remain the knowledge useful. A child is moreĀ  pro to develop skills in his or her area of interest. You never know, if there are Spielbergs or Walt Disneys hidden in your house. Just make them learn and see the impact!  

Benefits with Frameworks

  • Simplified course material
  • Well trained trainers
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Latest software update for training
  • Upgrade your skill at your own pace
  • Customised learning packages